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S’Arracó is a small village in the municipality of Andratx. Since the availability of some mansions, like from Son Joan, at the beginning of the XVIII century, one began around the church Santo Cristo, established by Antoni Ferrandell Verí who is valid as a founder of the village, of forming of a city centre.

The biggest part of the houses is along the street of Andratx to Sant Elm, from the urban general view some houses stand out in the art nouveau which were built by French emigrants. Also, are worth mentioning the building of the old school and some bars. Topically, S’Arracó calculates an important number of the artists of the different nationality who have chosen this quiet valley as a residence place on a population of about thousand inhabitants, including.

S’Arracó is an excellent starting point to realise different travelling excursions, like that who starts 150 metres after the cemetery and rises up to the La Trapa.