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Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx is a natural harbour, in the municipality of Andratx which has lain in the southwest of Majorca, surround from bays with crystal clear water, like Cala Llamp, Cala Moragues, Cala Marmacen and Cala d’Egos. This antique fishing place has changed to a modern, cosmopolitan and kindly place in which the different cultures, business, the sun and leisure mix. He also offers countless activities which stand in connection with the sea. Anyhow, the “Club de Vela” counts to the Best equipped yacht harbours of Majorca.

The building “La Lonja”, report of the presence of the fishermen stands on the mole where one has the possibility to buy in the afternoon the fresh catch of the fishermen. Stores and restaurants with pleasant terraces along the promenade, invite to observe the sea and in the evening the sundown to observe.

In Puerto Andratx there are places of historical and architectural interest. On the one hand, the defensive towers, reports of the menace of the pirates, like that of Sant Carles, in La Mola; or in the street Rodríguez Acosta 9 who was converted into a private flat, and, on the other hand, the religious architecture like the church Nuestra Señora del Carmen.